Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Routine Dental Care Tips Recommended by the Best Dentist in Delhi

The population of Delhi is already living in the most polluted city in the country and if they don’t keep good oral hygiene then it is like bidding your own health for several disease and unhealthy life. Living in a polluted environment hampers the immune system of a person and they are no longer immune to the dental problems. In addition, the best dentist suggests that maintaining oral hygiene is not a complex task for which you don’t have enough time from your busy schedule. All you need to do is to follow a good oral routine at home and visit the best dentistin Delhi once in a six month for dental checkups and professional cleaning for having strong teeth and gums. Undertake the following dental hygiene tips that will help you to take your oral hygiene to the next level.
·         Pick the right brush.
This is the first and foremost step for your healthy oral care. Always pick the toothbrush with soft bristles and small head to reach every corner of the mouth and properly remove bacteria hidden in the fine gaps of the teeth. Also, the soft bristles don’t damage the outer layer of the teeth preventing it from losing the whiteness of the teeth.

·         Using proper brushing techniques.
Don’t just clean your front teeth and live the crevices of the molars because this is where your food gets stucked after eating. Don’t clean your teeth in hurry, brush for at least two minutes. The best dentist in Delhi mentions that start brushing at a 45-degree angle on the gums, use several short strokes and focus on the back side of the front anterior teeth, use short back and forth strokes across top and sides of the teeth because this is where the plaque builds up frequently.

·         Use floss and a mouth wash.
The best dentist in Delhi describes that brushing is not enough for the good oral hygiene and therefore, it is recommended to floss the teeth and use a mouthwash after brushing preventing a build-up of the bacteria.

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